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How does RFID benefit librarians?

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How does RFID benefit librarians?

RFID frees up staff time and allows them to interact more with library visitors, develop new services and benefit from faster, smarter transactions. Time and effort is saved through faster, easier issuing, returning and tagging of items. RFID provides improved security systems and flexibility in stock management and inventory control, data collection and trend analysis.

How does RFID improve service to library visitors?

RFID allows you to deliver services smarter, faster and in the way visitors want to receive them. RFID speeds up processing at the issues desk and self service systems can eliminate queues or long waiting times all together. RFID can also provide the means to offer longer opening hours, enhanced customer services and improved stock availability.

RFID Benefits Include:

Faster issuing

  • Item IDs are stored and read wirelessly from the RFID tag applied to each library item

  • The tags on multiple items can be read at one time, then automatically issued from your library management software and security disabled… all without the use of a barcode scanner.

Faster returns

  • The tags on multiple items can be read at one time, then automatically returned into library stock and the security enabled… all without the use of a barcode scanner.

  • Automatic return shutes and sorting machines allow for an effective 24/7 returns service to customers and a great time saving feature for staff.

Less Manual Labour

  • By not having to open books or scan barcodes saves staff a lot of physical effort over the course of the day.

  • Appling RFID tags to items is much easier and quicker than EM security strips.

Customer Self-service

  • RFID simplifies the self-service process improving convenience and service to library visitors.

Improved Security

  • RFID security gates don’t give false alarms.

  • RFID gates have detection rates of up to 95% making them a greater deterent to costly book loss.

  • RFID gates cover wider entrances with single spans of up to 1.6 metres per aisle.

  • Gateviewer software shows what items alarmed the security gates and when, giving a better chance of tracking down missing items.

Inventory Scanning

  • Scan your library with RFID Inventory Wand to find missing items or to perform a stock take in a fraction of the time.