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RFID has many benefits when used in access control. These include easy entry and payment solutions, fraud reduction, enhanced security, capacity control, cost control, and behavior analysis to name a few.RFID Insider recently published an article on access control and found that “RFID enabled wristbands not only guarantee authenticity, but they can also be used for entrance to the event, and marketing promotions around the event. RFID technology can be specially encoded and printed for additional security measures.”

One example of the benefit of using RFID tags includes parking at a festival or event. Only people with RFID tags can gain access to certain parking lots and even VIP areas and events. This takes away confusion and helps everything remain more secure when you know you can’t gain access unless you have a specific RFID tag meant solely for that event.

As with any technology, security is always forefront with the creators of the technology as well as those using it. RFID wristbands are impossible to duplicate as each one has an embedded microchip and is linked to an individual online account. As found by AB&R (American Barcode and RFID), “Not only is the central security system capable of using identifying information to control access, it can be integrated with other applications as part of a comprehensive security solution. In addition to the security benefits of controlling access with RFID, such an application has economical benefits as well. Prices of tags and equipment are falling too, making it more economical and affordable for everyone.”

Another real life example is using RFID tags for attendee tracking. Registration is completely eliminated with RFID tags. Also the flow of traffic can be watched and tracked so that areas don’t become overcrowded, thus adding to safety of events. As this is real time tracking, it can be taken into account for future festivals and events, and shows tangible data on making it a more immersive and fun experience for everyone.

RFID technology really emphasizes a growing focus on the user experience. It ensures that security adapts to user habits and lifestyles. When you’re able to gain access to an event and pay with just a wristband, it makes everything more personalized and user friendly. While much of the technology with RFID seems like it could come straight out of A Brave New World, it is being proven over and over that it’s more secure, safe, and offers new insights to make events and festivals more advantageous and insightful for everyone involved.