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How To Choose NTAG Chip? NTAG215 or NTAG213

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NTAG series chip has been developed by NXP Semiconductors as standard NFC tag ICs to be used in mass-market applications such as retail, gaming, and consumer electronics, in combination with NFC devices or NFC-compliant Proximity Coupling Devices. NTAG213, NTAG215, and NTAG216 (from now on, generally called NTAG chip) are designed to fully comply to NFC Forum Type 2 Tag and ISO/IEC14443 Type A specifications.

Target applications include Out-of-Home and print media smart advertisement, SoLoMo applications, product authentication, NFC shelf labels, and mobile companion tags.

Target use cases include Out-of-Home smart advertisement, product authentication, mobile companion tags, Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi pairing, electronic shelf labels, and business cards. NTAG chip memory can also be segmented to implement multiple applications at the same time.

Thanks to the high input capacitance, NTAG chip tag ICs are particularly tailored for applications requiring small footprints, without compromise on performance. Small NFC tags can be more easily embedded into, e.g., product labels or electronic devices.

The mechanical and electrical specifications of NTAG chip are tailored to meet the requirements of inlay and tag manufacturers.

How to Choose NTAG series chip?

First of all, an important advice: if you plan to apply the NFC Tag on a metal surface, it is necessary to use theOn-metal NFC Tags, otherwise the metal surface will interfere with the magnetic field of the chip, making it be unusable.

If you need NFC Tags that are compatible with all smartphones and tablets equipped with NFC, then you have to choose the NTAG chip. There are different types of NTAG chips. On rfidcardlabel.com, you can find NTAG203, NTAG212, NTAG213, NTAG215, and NTAG216. Here are the main characteristics of each of these chips.

NTAG203 Chip

NTAG203 is a great chip, widespread, which has a capacity of 137 bytes and is available in different sizes, shapes, and dimensions, as well as bracelets, pendants, etc. In general, it is great for any use, even if it's being replaced by NTAG212 and NTAG213, the new generation chips.

NTAG212 Chip

NTAG212 is more advanced than NTAG203: it has better performance in terms of reading speed and range. It has a slightly smaller memory, equal to 128 bytes. It has a considerable advantage of beingless expensive. If you do not have particular needs, this chip is perfect.

NTAG213 Chip

NTAG213 is the new generation of NTAG203: it has better performance in terms of reading speed and range. It has a slightly bigger memory, equal to 144 bytes. It's quite cheap and it's a very good NFC Chip.

NTAG215 Chip

NTAG215 is in the middle between NTAG213 and NTAG216, because has an available memory of 504 bytes, so it's suitable to be encoded with V-Cards or more data. As all the NTAG chip, it has some more features, as password-protection. It’s slightly cheaper than NTAG216, but it's a very good NFC Chip.

NTAG216 Chip

NTAG216 has the advantage of having a larger capacity than the other NFC Tags, thanks to an available memory of 888 bytes. This makes it a great chip for business cards with very complete V-Card data. They are very fast but are also more expensive.

How does NTAG series chip work?

Communication to NTAG chip can be established only when the IC is connected to an antenna. When NTAG chip is positioned in the RF field, the high-speed RF communication interface allows the transmission of the data with a baud rate of 106 kbit/s.

NTAG chip offers specific features designed to improve integration and user convenience:
The fast read capability allows scanning the complete NDEF message with only one FAST_READ command, thus reducing the overhead in high throughput production environments;
The improved RF performance allows for more flexibility in the choice of shape, dimension, and materials;
The option for 75 μm IC thickness enables the manufacturing of ultrathin tags, for more convenient integration in, e.g., magazines or gaming cards.

NTAG series chip advantage

1.Manufacturer programmed 7-byte UID for each device;
2.Preprogrammed Capability container with one-time programmable bits;
3.Field programmable read-only locking function;
4.ECC-based originality signature;
5.32-bit password protection to prevent unauthorized memory; operations;
6.NFC Forum Tag 2 Type compliance;
7.NTAG chip IC provides full compliance to the NFC Forum Tag 2 Type technical specification and enables NDEF data structure configurations.

An intelligent anti-collision function allows operating more than one tag in the field simultaneously. The anti-collision algorithm selects each tag individually and ensures that the execution of a transaction with a selected tag is performed correctly without interference from another tag in the field.

If you are an integrator or need NTAG series tag, please contact us directly: info@rfidcardlabel.com