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UHF RFID Sport Tag For Marathon Race Timing System, Sports Timing with passive UHF Tag, rfid race tags,	timing uhf tag , uhf paper label , marathon race tag

UHF RFID Sport Tag For Marathon

Product introduction

Paper RFID UHF Tag

1.Operating Frequency: UHF 860MHz~960MHz

2.Support Protocol: ISO18000-6C(EPC Gen2) or ISO18000-6B

3.Storage Capacity:512bit or 96 bit(2K bit) (other by customized)

4.Operating Temperature:-40°c~70°c(can be customized)

5.Data Maintenance:>50 years,EMS memory can be wiped and written more than 100K times

6.Read and Write Range:3m~6m


4 good reasons to choose Loytech and its products to solve your problem of sports timing:

  • Automatic reading

  • Using RFID Tag UHF disposable and cost less than 0.5 €

  • intermediate readings accurate

  • multiple reading of athletes

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