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ID Card EM4305, 125KHZ EM4305 Proximity Card

125KHZ EM4305 Proximity Card

Product introduction

* Frequency: 125KHZ formats

* Chip: EM4305

* Reading distance: 80~120cm;

* Material: PVC

* Working temperature:-10-50 degree centigrade

* Color: Blank or other colors(yellow, grey, red)

* Printing: Printable with offset, silkscreen, personalization.

* Serial numbers: Inkjet Number (various different numbering formats)
* Size: 85.6*54*0.8mm
* Weight: 6.5g

EM4305 chip card is widely used in 125KHZ, and most times clients change its format into Wiegand26 and used as a ID card. Since the thicker chip for 125KHZ, . 

EM4305 set is both readable and writable and is widely used in water meter prepaid, campus id, bus stored-value cards, highway tolls, parking, etc. 

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